Help With Dashboard and Search Box

Hi this is my first post, but I am STUCK and need help.

I’ve been working on this project for a couple of weeks. Up until this morning this problem did not exist, but I’m not sure if I changed a setting by accident so here I am!

As show below, I look up our customer by name in search box (bc 800+ customers),
search for customer

For some reason as of this morning, as you can see the term i searched for is still present when the dashboard loads and is filtering this dashboard item when it normally doesn’t:
dashboard view with search

when I remove the search term it displays as it should, but i don’t want to have to clear the search box, especially when I didnt have to before. My users will think there is nothing available to use:
dashboard view without search

Please help me, it’s driving me crazy

Thank you

This strikes me as a possible internal change to AppSheet itself. I encourage you to engage for help with this.

thank you, Steve.

I sent them an email with a link to this post of my question.

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Hi @Allison_Romero, can you check the URL bar to see if the search term appears there? Sometimes the search state may be included there, and if you happened to bookmark the app at that point it would keep loading the app with the search term already applied. If that’s the case here you might need to recreate the bookmark while not in a filtered state.


It turned out to be internal. Here is the response from support:

Hi Allison, I found the reason for this behavior and will submit a fix. It’s related to the custom navigation that occurs when selecting the person from the initial view and appears mainly to affect the header search bar and card view, so if you need an immediate workaround you could try using something like a deck view for “Available for use”. Although the header will still show the search term, I think the deck view will not actually apply the search.

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Another reminder that–despite not being labeled s such–card views are beta and may not be suitable for production use.

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