Help with dependent dropdown

I have 2 tables:

  1. address id, customer id, and address (customer’s can have more than one address they use)
  2. a table where they type in a customer id. They then need to add an address. I want to display the address id table and let them pick from there or enter an new address. I only want them to see address that have already been assigned to that customer id, but I am seeing all address.
    It is a dependent dropdown type of list.
    so enter customer then see all address for that customer from table 1, and be able to add a new on if no choosing from list.
    Addresslist[Address] is what I put in the Suggested values for the address on the 2nd (input table) but I still see all addresses from table 1.

I appreciate any help! thanks


SELECT(Addresslist[Address], [customer id] = [_THISROW].[customer id])

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