Help with Determining Overtime based on the Day of the Week

Hi, I have a group of people who work 7 and a half hours per Weekday and 4 and a half hours on a Saturday, for anything else they get overtime.

I have a column recording the day called [Day] using the DAY() expression

I have a column called [Calculated Time] which accumulates the time for the day by subtracting time out from time in TOTALHOURS([Time Out]-[Time In])

How do I determine when there is overtime worked.

Would this require an IF and OR expression?

Carrying on from my question , I think I have partly solved it.

I am trying to determine the amount of time required for a particular day in order to determine whether overtime has been worked, and used the following expression statement,


What do I add here to return a Zero for Sunday?

[Day] = 1 , 0