Help with display of data

I have created a sign in and out app using conditional branching and slices successfully. However, I’d like all names of participants to show up (regardless of the conditional branching) on the sign out page at the end of their shift (i.e. whether they are a volunteer, visitor or staff). I can’t find a view type that allows me to see them all at once even though the data is there. Any advice? Also it is peculiar that my clock out icon does not display on all participants (the paper airplane). Thanks in advance.

Are you saying that you want to see multiple slices on the same screen? If that is what you are asking for, then you would create a view for each slice and then you would create a dashboard view. On the dashboard view you can then select multiple views to all show on one screen. If that is not what you are looking for, can you explain a little further what you are trying to do?