Help with E-mail Template (Table)

Hello mates, Ive spent hours trying to display a simple table on an e-mail body triggered by a new record in a table, but Im really lost here. Let me try to explain and see if you guys can help me…

Basically I have a table called ‘MaterialRequest’ (key = requestOrder) which columns are shown attached.

for each order I can have multiples materials to be ordered with, They are on the table ‘MaterialOrderDetail’ (key = orderId).

I have the virtual column [Related MaterialOrderDetails] (REF_ROWS(“MaterialOrderDetail”, “requestOrder”)) which yields all the orderId for each requestedOrder.

All I need is to find a way to include into the e-mail body template, for each new order, all the materials, quantity and measurements (from MaterialOrderDetail table) on a table.

The way I`m doing that without any result is below:

Thanks in advance guys

Table MaterialRequest

Table MaterialOrderDetail (child)

No email, or a blank file, or what?

I don’t see anything obviously wrong with your template. You should check the Automation Monitor and/or Audit Logs to try and find if there was an error, and if so, what it was.

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The e-mail table was blank.

Ive just figured it out.. the automation was faster than the recording into the Orders child table, thats why it wasnt showing on e-mail body. I resolved it including a wait for a condition step before sending the e-mail. Too easy.

Thanks all.


Check out the " Sending Email Only After Adding a Parent Record and All of Its Children" Section near the bottom of this help article: