Help with Exporting List

Hello everyone. I have what is probably a simple problem for some of you, but I am out of practice, and am having a hard time figuring it out.

I am trying to export a file with a list of values. I am trying to set up the template in the bot. The default template shows like this.

But when I use this one, it just shoots out either 1 row, or the same row over and over. How do I set it up, so the template goes to the next row, and puts every row on the file?

Thanks in Advance

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Thank you. I didn’t know I had to do this. So I got it started and it is almost running smoothly. Here is what I have so far.

But what is happening now is I am still getting multiple files outputted, and the heading is being repeated over and over…Like this.

Thanks in advance

Any inside the START will be repeated on every iteration.

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Boom that solved my one problem. But now I dont understand why I am getting multiple files for every name in the list. If I have seven people in the list, then I get 7 files that all look the same???

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Are you running a Bot that is set as “for every record”, when it shouldn’t be?

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Because if I check it off, I then get an error in the bots.

What is the error that you get ?


The event ‘New event 2’ is not compatible with process ‘Untitled process’

But it’s wierd becuase I just tried to run it, and it actually Worked properly…But I would love to be able to clear the error.

I dont get why I would get one.

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I GOT IT!! I just recreated the entire bot and it worked now with no errors…


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