Help with expression summing a value for a month

Here’s an expression to sum monthly expenditure amount of people based on a few criteria:

User expense submissions[Amount],
(month([Date]&year([Date])=month(today())&year(today())), //for 31/3/2020, the expression is 32020
([User]=[_THISROW].[Name]), //The column that holds the current user name
([Indirect?] = “FALSE”) //just another yes/no condition checked

I don’t know why it is summing to 0.
I know this is the last day of the month and time zones may differ, so I have also tried using (month(today())-1)&year(today()). Still a zero.

Maybe the (month([Date]&year([Date]) is taking text values instead of number? The description in the space below where the expression is entered does say “Concatenation of text values”.

If that’s so, I don’t have any way to change it to a number type.

Missing parenthesis to close the first call to MONTH().

It was a typo here. In the app itself, the expression is correct in parentheses.
If the number of parentheses don’t equal, the the expression is rendered incorrect, isn’t it?

I have solved this. The trick was to use the number() function around the (month()&year()) function that converts the string to a number, had it taken a text value by the concatenate() function.