Help with expression to hide column in referenced view

Hi Guys,

Would you be able to help me with expression to hide column in referenced view.

I have 2 views. First where all records about the work go and Second where all records about work sites go. In the last one there is reference to the first table about work records and I want to hide one column here, because it’s just duplicates the name of a work site.

Many thanks

Since we have no info to work with maybe look at. ISNOTBLANK, SHOWIF, Set column order. Also this should be a Question , not ztips and Tricks.


I’ve looked. Still can’t work it out. I’ll try to put it together another way.

I’ve got view “Work” with column “Site name”. In another view “Sites” there’s related reference to table/view “Work”. So when I click on site name in view “Sites” I can see related records from “Work” table

So I basically want column “Sites” to be seen in view “Work” but to be hidden in view “Sites”.

Thank you.

Hi @Apper Check out theses.


Hi @Lynn

Thanks for helping me out!

I’ve tried this expression IN(CONTEXT(“View”), LIST(“Work”)) , although it’s still showing me this column in view “Work” fully, in another view where I don’t want this column to bee seen, app is showing me it but with blank values. Basically in column “Load number/name” it repeats value “Farm” which I’ve already got up the top of the view.


Is there is a way to hide this column in another view completely?

Thank you!

Hi @Apper
I dont think you need the IN LIST . Try it without .

If I just use CONTEXT(“View”), the app is saying:

“Column Name ‘Load number/name’ in Schema ‘Work_Schema’ of Column Type ‘Text’ has an invalid show_if constraint ‘=CONTEXT(“View”)’.”

You need to name your view

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Now it is saying:
"Column Name ‘Load number/name’ in Schema ‘Work_Schema’ of Column Type ‘Text’ has an invalid show_if constraint ‘=CONTEXT(“Work”)’.

Sorry I’m very fresh in this and maybe I don’t understand it completly.

What expression you’d use to make it work?


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Sorry for all the edits I am on my phone.

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Sorry but it’s still displaying that column with blank rows. :thinking:


Remove the column from the View:


Hi @Marc_Dillon , thanks for your suggestion
However I can’t remove this column from the view as I need it there to be seen. I just don’t want it to be seen in another view which is referenced to the first table.

You have to build a completely separate UX>View then, for each case.


Thanks a lot for your tip!
I thought I can do you with expression but this will do too!