Help with expression

Oh, yeah I guess I forgot initial values for VCs don’t exist. In that case, set the app formula to
AND(ISNOTBLANK([Check In Time], ISBLANK([Check Out Time]))

In that case, NOT(IN(TRUE, Time IN and Time OUT Log[CheckedIn?]))

Any luck @tcanelli?

Yes, - I can’t believe how simple it ended up being: OR(ISBLANK([Checked In]), ISNOTBLANK([Checked Out]))

But first day I learned a LOT about user behavior and have made improvements all week to prevent mishaps. I think we are 99% there. What I thought was so easy apparently wasn’t.

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That’s almost how it always is in the “programming” world. Something difficult ends up being easy. Something seemingly easy ends up being impossibly hard. And the stuff that all makes sense to you ends up making zero sense to the end user. It’s a common thing.