Help with formatting rule expression

Hi. I have a table Sales_Orders and a related table Sales_Orders_Line_Items. I am trying to add a conditional expression on a Format Rule that would highlight ‘Product Lines’ in a Sales_Orders_Line_Items table if the quantity has been changed from the original quantity entered. I know there is a [_THISROW_BEFORE] & [_THISROW_AFTER] function but that is just giving me a ‘Unable to find column’ error. Can this be done and if so could someone advise on the right conditional expression?

I have attached a screenshot of a detail view.

Thank you.

[_THISROW_BEFORE] and [_THISROW_AFTER] are only available in workflows, not in format rules. Even if they were available, they probably wouldn’t work as you need.

You would have to keep a record of “the original quantity entered” to do what you want. You also need to consider what constitutes “original”: the value set when the order as first place? Or the most recent previous value in the case of several changes?

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Thank you @Steve for the insight.

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