Help with functionality - To scan barcodes or not

I have an test app I am working on, and I am struggling to get my head around a particular way of doing something. It’s been a while, and I am not used to thinking how this will work properly…

So I have a table of items. I can enter items here and they are treated as stock, basically.

In the app I want to be able to add them to a “wanted” list, like a shopping list. Now I can do this in 2 ways… since the item is recorded in the Items table with a barcode, I could scan the item as it is leaving my stock, and have it add automatically to the “shopping list”.

But sometimes I may want to add an item from the items table, into the “shopping list” but using my desktop computer - no access to the scanner (phone). I can do this easy enough, by selecting the items from a “Valid If…” dropdown, however, doing it this way doesn’t populate the barcode column for that item.

So, what I want is the Barcode column to populate by reading a barcode, but if that is not available at the time, I want it populating from the info table data when the item is selected from a dropdown. Does that make sense?


Have you tried to use Ref. field instead of Enum. It should be doable with the Ref… you can read it with the barcode (mobile device) or you can type it with the item’s real name if that is set as a label column.

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So, the column that I have called “Selection.Barcode” should be a ref column? SO when I type the name into the “Selection.ItemName” column, it will pull the ID into the barcode column?
And when I scan a barcode, it will populate the other columns as I already have it set up?

Essentially, I have the isse of a circular argument, don;t I?

The [Selection.Barcode] column (set as TEXT) would be set to scannable, and have an initial value to use the barcode text selected from the ITEM table as recorded in the [Item.ItemName] column.

The [Item.ItemName] column (also TEXT) can be typed into as a Valid If list which shows all the items available in the ITEMS table. The [Item.ItemName] column also has an Initial Value of the item name associated with the barcode that might be scanned in the column noted above.

But that’s where the circular thing occurs… I am populating the barcode using typoed data in the ItemName column, and populating the ItemName column from the Barcode which can be scanned.

I wast to do Either scan, and set the text in ItemName accordingly,


Type in the item name and have the barcode populated automatically.

Hope that makes sense. Please bear with me, my reasoning is a bit slow at the moment, working in isolation at home and out of practise. :slight_smile:

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