Help with getting most recent value from list

(McKenna Killion) #1

I have two tables for tracking tool inventory/locations. “Tool Transfer” is filled out as a form to track when and to where the tool is being transferred. I then have a “Current Tool Locations” table where I want to just show where each tool is currently. I have the following virtual columns in Current Tool Locations:

Related Tool ID
REF_ROWS(“Tool Transfer”, “Tool ID”)

Most Recent
MAX(SELECT([Related Tool ID][Timestamp], true))

Current Location
LOOKUP([Most Recent], “Tool Transfer”, “Timestamp”, “Transferring to”)

The problem I’m experiencing is with the Most Recent column. The timestamps being returned are not always the most recent. When I test, the list that it’s returning from SELECT() has the same timestamp several times, when they should all be unique values. (Returning 3/7/2019 when the most recent was actually 3/26/2019)


(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

I believe use of MAXROW() expression could be more beneficial in your case. As it will return the key column value, you will also have the chance of using de-ref expression to retrieve another value from that referenced table. You can read the further details from this page: