Help with IF phrasing please

So what I want to do is display the time it took to close a ticket. I got that to work but it also shows weird long times for the tickets that are still open.

When the ticket is created it automatically creates a ‘Timestamp’. When the ticket gets closed the user enters the date and time and the difference becomes the time the ticket was open otherwise I want it to display ‘Not Resolved’

This is what I have…

IF([Resolved]=True, ([Date Resolved]-[Timestamp]),“Not Resolved”)

Is Resolved a column being set to true when the user adds the date and time? Or, are you setting the date and time with another time stamp when the user indicates resolved = true?

Hi Lucinda,

‘Resolved’ is a column of its own set by the user as true (Y/N) and then a separate manual timestamp is done called ‘Date Resolved’

I guess I can eliminate a step by just having a timestamp done that will indicate both the time and status of a resolved ticket.

IF([Resolved]=True, ([Date Resolved]-[Timestamp]),“”)

try it like this

If [Date Resolved] is a date without a time, and [Timestamp] is both a date and time, your calculation will be inaccurate.

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