Help with inline view arrangement

Hello everyone, I make filtered inline views through slices and REF_ROW expression, it worked but now it’s showing unique ID and label in inline results, i wanna show other rows not these ones , how can I change which row to show as slices don’t have this arrangement option? Please let me know

Someone Please help me

Hi @Countryboy_OmEr
Do you mean columns? You cn exclude columns from your slice or rearrange the columns shown in your inline view.
You may need to expand your views to show ref views in the editor.


Hello Lynn, yes I mean columns, sorry for that, but inline views setting only shows for main views, I want to rearrange inline views of slice which I used in REF_ROW to customise the inline views. There is no option for inline rearrangement for slices i created. Can you get my point?

Hello please some one let me know, if it’s possible or not

@Lynn answered your question.

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