Help with Link to View

I have the 2 tables below and I am trying to do a LinktoView

Data in App Type:

App Type Ref App Type App Image
1 Construction Trackers Construction Icon.png
2 Commissioning Trackers Commissioning Icon.png


When User selects Construction Trackers I want a list of Trackers with App Type = Construction Trackers from App Manager Table.

I have a Slice which filters App Manager to get this list
and I have a Active Construction Trackers View and Detail View.

Not sure where to put the LinktoView but I put it in the App formula of App Type Column of the App Type table but it goes to the system generated detail view App Type_Detail.

[App Type] = “Construction Trackers”,LINKTOVIEW(“Active Construction Trackers_Detail”),
[App Type] = “Commissioning Trackers”,LINKTOVIEW(“Active Construction Trackers_Detail”)

  • both going to same view here as I haven’t got Commissioning Tracker views done but that shouldn’t matter.

Any advice on where I am going wrong please?

Assuming that your screenshot from AppType table is a Deck View, you need to create an action for this table with Data: Goto another view within this app and create your LINKTOVIEW expression there and then assign this action as the Row Selected property of your Deck View.


Perfect. Thank you so much @LeventK.

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You’re welcome