Help with Lookup please

I have a table called Orders. Two columns in the table are Product Code and Material Description.
I also have a table called Products with columns Product Code and Material Description (the Lookup table).
I have a drop down set up for the Product Code in Orders that works ok.
I want to lookup the chosen Product Code in the table Products to fill in the Material Description automatically into the Orders table.
I have tried
LOOKUP([_THISROW]. “Product Code”,“Products”,“Product Code”, “Material Description”)

LOOKUP([Product Code],“Products”,“Product Code”,“Material Description”)

But neither work. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Correct syntax shall be:

LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Product Code],“Products”,“Product Code”, “Material Description”)
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Thank you so much. That works :grinning:

I have another question about Lookups. how do I get the lookup value to update the Excel Spreadsheet?
The Material Description shows in the App but when I sync it is not in the spreadsheet.

Are you using virtual column for your LOOKUP?

Just checked and its working now. Didn’t sync when I first synced. Not sure how many times it took to sync as I have synced a lot as I am building the App.

If it’s a normal column with an app formula, it should need only one sync.