Help with many-to-many reference and bridge table

Hi There
This Covid-19 crisis and schools closure, has impelled us to rapidly develop a teachers App for sending dayly tasks to pre-school and elementary students parents. (Secondary School students already use Google Classroom with a G Suite Account per student and teacher). I followed your models and (using our existing data models) teachers can now compose an assigment, add files to it, and easily send it to each class (parent) they are in charge. All assigments are not deletable so principals may supervised them.
Although, it was necessary to make up a Google sheet with a trigger in order to get each file url to be albe to view it, since the different file types uploaded. Appsheet only shows image files, and prompts you to download doc, docx, pdf etc.
Principals can track all teachers online assigments in their own App.
There are many challenges left still. For example, I would like teachers to create a check list for every assigment they create. This would imply to add multiple records to a table “Students-Assigments”. Let say we have a class with 10 students, each time a teacher create an assigment we need an “Action” to add ten more records to the “Students-Assigments” Table. This way, the teacher may keep track of each student and his/her result, also recording grades or comments on each assigment.
To what I have read until now this is only possible via API. This exceeds way more my present skills.
I would share my project with me but tables are full of real data.
I am writing all this just to repeat my thanks to your time and sharing your projects.
Instituto San Pedro

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Some other issues I forgot to quote in my previous post:

-Some tables (due to size and other dbms exports) are in csv format. I am having trouble with special characters (Spanish ñ, á, é, etc.) of which Spanish Names are full.
-Same when I perform an export csv action, special characters are not well translated.

I will take another look this week. Glad to hear about your progress!

@Instituto_San_Pedro can we arbitrarily enforce a rule like “all assignments will have 8 (or 12) check list items” - if yes, we could simply create 8 or 12 hidden actions. If on the other hand we need a variable NN amount of checklist items and this varies per assignment, that is harder.

From a human/business point of view, standardizing on “8” or “12” or whatever, creates a reliable and consistent scholarly experience. :slight_smile:

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Hi @TyAlevizos,

I’m coming from AppMaker myself, and have been struggling a bit working with many-to-many relationships in AppSheet. I have checked out your sample app and was wondering about something. In the Parent Detail there is an inline table of the parentsstudents bridge table. When clicking on ‘Add’ it first goes to the bridge table where the parent is preselected and you can either choose an existing student or enter a new student. When choosing a new student it will go to the student form. In this case you would create an entry in the student table and one in the parentsstudent table, but this happens by navigating over two different forms and having to click Save under each form.

I was hoping there might be a way in AppSheet where you jump straight to the student form and the parent is already assigned to the student and Save only needs to be clicked once. Is this possible in AppSheet with an action. I have tried this in my own application by essentially introducing an action under the parent detail that navigates to a different view via LINKTOFORM("Student_Form", "Related parentsstudent", [_THISROW]) but this does not appear to work. If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it.

For anyone interested: just dropping in a link to a summary post I made, which contains a sample app, about how to accomplish this without the need for a bridge table.


Thank you so much.

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