Help with PLUS button

I have a single table, which is a customer complaints procedure.

The first section is completed by the sales rep and submitted where it reamins incomplete, due to the sales rep pressing a button to show it is incomplete.

I created this first view by using a slice and taking questions from the first set of columns on the google sheet.

The second view I created is an incomlete view where the guys in production can see what they need to address and this has the questions from the second part of the table.

The other view I have is the register which show all of the complete and incomplete complaints over time.

The register is accessible via the menu, the other two views are at the bottom.

In all the views that I see working with this app I have the PLUS button, deck, table etc, it is there and I don’t think I can remove it.

It points to a form where all the questions from the entire table are present and this is confusing for the users.

How do I create the slices and forgo the PLUS button or make the PLUS button at least point to the first slice rather than the whole table?

Are either of those options possible?