Help With Referencing a Column

Hey App Sheet Community!

I have been struggling with referencing a column from one table to the other. Could you please help me?

I have been trying to transfer the list of names in my table called “Names” under the column “Client” into my column called “Client Name” in my table called Billing AR and AP.

I have been trying at this for about 38 hours now and have had too much coffee…Can someone share an expression or any insight that would help me achieve this?

Thank you so incredibly much.


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It would help to see where you’re trying to do it and what you’ve tried.

Also, please be familiar with this:

I have tried a lot of references like this one:

What are you trying to do with [Client Name].[Client]? The Client Name column is not of type Ref, so it cannot be used as you appear to be trying to use it.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for taking the time. I had it set as Ref, but was switching it back and forth between column types to try to make something work. In that picture it just happened to be in the name type.

Fair enough! What are you trying to do with that expression? What do you want the result to be?

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Good Morning Steve, thanks for hanging in there with me. I hope your weekend went well.

I was simply trying to apply the data from one column in a different table (the Client table) to the Billing table column listed as “client”.

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Wesley Whitaker

Have you read through and do you understand these?

If you want to use a Ref (reference) to access data from another table, the table you’re in must have a column of type Ref that references the table from which you want to get data. Do you have this? If so, please provide a screenshot of its edit-column screen.

The Ref column’s value for a given row must be the key column value of a row in the referenced table. Do you have this?

Bingo, I will look into this today. Thank you Steve. Just so I understand, the column that I am referencing from has to be the “key” of the table?

If the Billing AR and AP table has a column named Client Name of type Ref, the value of the Client Name column for any given row of the Billing AR and AP table must be equal to a value in the designated key column of the Client table.

Ok, this helps. Thank you very much Steve.

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