Help with Referral Marketing App

Hi! I’m new to AppSheet. I’m trying to create an referral marketing app that:

  • Gathers data from a user (name, email, phone #, referred user’s name, referred user’s phone)
  • Shows form completion screen with 1-tap send a SMS to the referred’s phone.
  • Allows user to see their referral status (manually updated in a Google Sheet).
  • Allows user to submit additional referrals later, track aggregated status.

The Form view works good for Step 1. But, what views/UX would I use for the rest of the steps?

For data, I have a simple 6 column Google Sheet with name, email, phone #, referred user name, referred phone, number of qualified referrals (updated by me).


Deck type views might be what you’re looking for. It would be the most like a contacts list in your phone.