Help with removing Reference Views


I have used a table to reference staff members in my app. The table is called “Ref Staff”

Appsheet automatically generated a Ref_Staff Detail view which is showing details from columns in that table. There is potentially sensitive data in that table which I would not want the people using the app to see.

I marked the table as read-only and made it a Ref table.

I tried deleting the view but it seems to come back even after saving.

What is the solution to this problem?

If you main concern is that a user may stumble upon this Detail view on accident, then I suggest you simply add a single unimportant column to show on the Detail view, and nothing else, perhaps the _RowNumber?

If there is sensitive data in a Table, the only way to 100% prevent a user from seeing it, is to filter out that record with a Security Filter. Even if you “hide” the data, with Slices, or by preventing them from seeing Views, the data has still been loaded to their device, and a tech-savvy user could potentially access it.

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