Help with Right()

I am trying to use the Right Function

I have a Column called system with values

  1. System A
  2. System R

I want to Display
System A
System R

The numbering is to sort them in required order.

I have a formula in the System column

this does not work but if I create a VC with same formula the correct value shows.

Do I have to use a VC, can you not perform a Right() on the same Column?

Try with this:

    LEN([System]) - FIND(".",[System])+1


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No, neither of these work. My first one works ok in a VC.

I don’t have the choice of choosing column [System] in the App formula of column System.
The formula doesn’t give an error if I manually type it in but doesn’t work.

What kinda error are you getting? Do you want to display those values in Table UX? If so, you need to construct a VC, you can’t do it with the column values itself.

Not getting any errors but when I display column [System] in UX view I get the original value ‘1.System A’, not the computed value ‘System A’

If I create a VC say called System1 and display this column, I get ‘System A’

It seems an expected result. What’s the problem? I couldn’t get it actually

You’re attempting to apply an App formula to a non-virtual column (the System column). An App formula for a non-virtual column is only applied when the row is edited in a form or by an action.

Note, too, that giving a non-virtual column an App formula prevents user input for the column.

If you want to display a different value than input (or selected) by the user, you probably want to use a virtual column.

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Thanks for the explanation @Steve, makes sense :grinning:
System is a non editable field so will never get updated.
Got it sorted.

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