Help with SELECT expression (I think)

I have a question that I want to show based on a previous selection. I have this working with the following ShowIf=IN(“Leather”, [Job Type]). This is working fine.

I have a table with these columns, MakeList, ModelList, Question, Question2

The question(s) to ask I want to pull from a column named Question and Question2(assuming there are 2 questions) from the “Vehicle List Tab” table.

I tried to get just one question to show up to be answered initially. In the Valid If expression box I put-SELECT(Vehicle List Tab[Question], ([ModelLIST]=[_THISROW],[Model])). AppSheet likes this expression but gives the confirmation. The list of values of column ‘Question’
…from rows of table ‘Vehicle List Tab’
…where this condition is true: ((The value of column ‘ModelList’) is equal to (The value of column ‘Date/Time’))

Why does it read that the column value ‘ModelList’ will be compared to ‘Date/Time’? I want the question to be displayed when the model selected has a question listed in the column ‘Question’.

Ultimately what I am trying to accomplish is have 1 or 2 question based on the model selected from the drop down. These question will come from the Question and Question2 column. These questions will need to be answered with either a yes/no or just selecting the applicable so the show up on the form response.