Help with set up tables

I would like to know how to best wet up tables to handle the following situations.
I have employees some of whom work at multiple locations.
Locations have more than one employee assigned to them.
Work tickets are issued to specific locations.

I want the employees to see the work tickets that are either new or incomplete when they check into a specific location and not the work tickets for every location they work at. I know how to do this in a relational db but how do I do this in Appsheet?


How would you do it there?

Using 2 many to one relationships to a separate table. Is that the same thing I need to do with appsheet?

  • Employees: (EmpId, …)
  • Locations: (LocId, …)
  • LocEmps: (LocId, EmpId)
  • Tickets: (TktId, LocId, …)

Employees at a given location (row in Locations):

SELECT(LocEmps[EmpId], ([_THISROW].[LocId] = [LocId]))

Tickets available to a given row in LocEmps:

SELECT(Tickets[TktId], ([_THISROW].[LocId] = [LocId]))

See also:


Thanks Steve.
I’m still n the upslope of the learning curve so the links will be helpful I’m sure.

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