Help with show_if #view expression


Need help with a deep link expression.
I have a column i want only to show in a slice. The slice is set to show this column. But it doesnt show. In the table the slice is based on i have had this column hidden. But i want it to show in the slice so i have to use show_if in the main table?

The slice is named: Kinnarps Workflow History, the column is [Registrert av]

The suggested deep link expression is:


That is not working.
I have also tried:

“#view=Kinnarps Workflow History”
and so on and so on…

Can anyone help?

Hi @Linda_Marita_Lauritz
Maybe you could have two slices for your views and allow the column in the base table.

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It sounds that you wish to show a specific column in certain view ( based on slice) and not in other views that are based on table.

If so, is it possible that you can use CONTEXT(“View”) function in the Show_if setting of the column’s setting pane to show the column in certain views only?

Edit : corrected the word from slice to column in the highlighted part above

I’ll try :slight_smile:

Please refer following “tips and tricks” post just in case you have not.

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You understand me correctly. I only want to show this column in the slice, but not in any other views.

I couldnt get this to work either. Here is what it says (and that is what it’s saying in any variables i have tried:

Column Name ‘Registrert av’ in Schema ‘Kinnarps Workflow_Schema’ of Column Type ‘Text’ has an invalid show_if constraint ‘=CONTEXT("Kinnarps Workflow History”)’.

The column “Registrert av” is in english “Registered by” and captures USEREMAIL().

Please try in the show if constraint of the column

CONTEXT(“View”)="Kinnarps Workflow History”

Where "Kinnarps Workflow History” is the name of the view where you wish to show the column “Registrert av”

It seems valid but still doesn’t show.
Can’t rap my head around this :wink:

There is a value in the field right?

If it’s empty, it won’t be shown in the details view.

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It’s always a value in the field because it’s set up to catch USEREMAIL() :slight_smile:
That’s the inital value and not affected by user :slight_smile:

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A slice is not a view. You need to create a view (in UX >> Views) that uses the slice, then have your deep link target that view.

I also suggest using the LINKTOVIEW() function rather than the suggested deep link expression.

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Thank you for the tip! I will try this when i get the time for it :slight_smile: The app is now deployed and launched to multiple users and they are satisfied with what they can ser for now :slight_smile:

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