Help with show if

Hi, if someone has time could you please check my expression in screen shots below to see why my column “Chris D Tip Locations” is still showing when “Non Production” is selected from Enum list?

My expression was placed in
Table “WL32“
Column “Chris D Tip Locations”
Column Type “Enum”
Show? AND(CONTAINS([TMM],”Production”),CONTAINS([Pit],“Chris D”))

It seems that the [TMM] that have options that contains the word “Production”. So the first part of the Show? expression will always true.
The second part I could not tell what’s inside the column [Pit].

However, You might want to try to set the enum of [Chris D Tip Locations] with reset-on-edit as ON with Initial value of “”.


Oh yes thank you Heru :v:
I changed the word “Non Production” to “Other” and it worked perfectly!!
Silly mistake :roll_eyes:

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