Help with signing eDocs because of COVID

My operation uses a Bill of Lading to bill out trucks loaded with watermelons. We’ve always printed them off and used ink pen to sign and then we make copies. We are a high volume shipper and have drivers in and out all day long. We want to eliminate hand to hand contact as much as possible. We want to be able to setup a tablet on a table, that we can send a BOL eDoc to. I want to setup the tablet to use an email address like and be able to send the eDoc to this email address each time we are ready to bill them out with their BOL. Also would need it to pop up for the drivers to sign with minimal input from the driver. Does anyone have any ideas how I can accomplish this? We’re set to start shipping on the 20th so I’ve got to come up with something soon.

Current Situation:

I’ve got a gDoc template called ’bill_of_lading’
I’ve got a column called [Generate BOL]
I’ve got a Virtual Column called [_ActionGenerateBOL]
I’ve got a Action called ’action_generate_bol’
I’ve got a Workflow called ’workflow_generate_bol’

My Action ’action_generate_bol’ is displayed inline in column [_ActionGenerateBOL] which is set to Data Change [Generate BOL] to the value “Generated”.

My Workflow ’workflow_generate_bol’ gets fired when [Generate BOL] = “Generated” and will send an email to with my ‘workflow_generate_bol’ template as an attachment.

Problem #1:

I need to figure out how to have the tablet sitting on the table open up the eDoc automatically.

TIA for any help, suggestions, or comments.

I assume your thought is that once the tablet receives the update of the eDoc, that it automatically opens that eDoc?

Unfortunately, AppSheet does not have capabilities to take actions automatically based on updates received.

Its possible there’s other software that can open the eDoc automatically but I am not aware of any.

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Possible solution- you could consider archiving the file to Gdrive, and write a google apps script to monitor the folder for new files and open the latest file in a browser window that refreshes every 5 minutes or at some interval.

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