Help With Simple Order Lookup App

Hi all!

I am struggling with (what I think should be) a pretty easy workflow. I have been trying to get this to work for 3-4 days now without any luck. I’ve read through these forums, watched YouTube videos, read the documentation and feel like I’ve GOT to be overthinking this. I am just looking for my app to do some bare minimum functions, at least until I can get a better grasp on how this all works.

Quick background:
I have an eCommerce business and sell through Etsy and via my own website hosted by Shopify. I have searched high and low for some kind of a white label app/platform for me to host an “Order Tracking” hub of sorts where my customers from either platform can easily type in their Order ID and see information about the progress of their order/tracking information if shipped, etc. Since something like this just doesn’t exist for whatever reason, here I am!

I have all of the information that I’d like displayed in a main “Orders” sheet on Google Sheets. There are a few other tabs I’d like to eventually work with but for now, that one is my main focus.

When the app is launched for the first time, I just want there to be a simple input field that asks the customer to input their Order ID. Once the Order ID is inputted, it would:

  1. Show a new view (something like a “My Profile” section) instead of that initial “onboarding” input area
  2. Order ID would be pre-filled in the profile section
  3. The customer would find other basic information such as their name and address (editable) in the profile section
  4. There would be a button to “My Order” where relevant order information would be located (not editable)

^ All information needed for this would be in the same row from from the “Orders” tab on my Google Sheet

In the “My Order” view, I’d then like buttons for the customer to be able to get help with their order specifically, if necessary

I hope this is all clear and REALLY would appreciate any help! Thank you so much in advance! :slight_smile:

You can add a new table that’ll accept input of an order ID. Have the app open on a Form view of this table. Set a LINKTOROW() Action as the Form-Saved Behavior to forward the user to the Detail view of the specific record that matches their entered order ID.

This sounds like it should be a Public plan app. Keep in mind that anybody could access anybody’s else’s information if they just know their order ID.

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