Help with starting view

Hi guys,

I used the deep link to link app sheet into a web site, however the link doesnt show any of my latest updates, starting with the wrong view etc. I have checked and re checked app sheet but everything seem ok, but the link brings up a version from a week ago.

Please gelp, thanks

A few more details are needed.

Is it a deployed app?

What link are you using to navigate to the app? The AppSheet provided browser link?

How are you surfacing the app link in your web page? Are you using an iFrame?

I am using a link frame, but the app is not yet deployed, is that it?

No. Deployed apps have ways, for certain plans, to specify which version is the deployed version. Just ruling that out.

You are using the Browser link then in your web page? I have not done this yet myself.

You may find this article helpful:

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