Help with template filter expression

(Eli) #1

Hi I am trying to create a template expression that would return the weekly timesheets back to the user. I have a parent Employee table and the child employee table.

The starting expression I need to filter is this…<<Start: [Related Timesheets [Name]]>>

This use case is pretty common but I am troubling with my expression. This is what I have so far…

<<Start: SELECT([Related Timesheets][Name], AND(IN[NAME],[THISROW].[Related Timesheets]),[Date]>=TODAY()-7))>>

Any help would be appreciated

(Steve Coile) #2
  • [Related Timesheets [Name]]
  • [Related Timesheets][Name]
  • IN[NAME]

Are these typos? If not, they probably contribute to your problem; if they are typos, please correct them so we have an accurate idea of what you’re working with.

(Eli) #3

It was a syntax issue. I had to rename the ref column. Thanks the final expression was…<<Start: SELECT([Related Timesheets][Timestamp],AND(IN([Timestamp],[_THISROW].[Related Timesheets]),[WeekNum]=[Current WeekNum]))>>

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