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I want help. I have an application and I have multiple users of the application and I want each user permissions for the application. I want to be a user only for readers and another user who adds and a user for updating only
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Unfortunately, I did not understand that. How can I assign specific permissions to each user. I hope for more clarification

Sounds to me like you may want to change your permission settings at the table level for this.

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But after applying these steps, I see that the permissions have been applied to all users, and I want to apply for each user specific permissions

You will need to apply the above concepts in conjunction with a user table then. In the user table for each user you will want to designate a ‘Roles’ column. In your application incorporate this user table but apply a security filter with a LOOKUP() function and USEREMAIL() to pull the current users information only along with their roles, then plug in the roles that you will allow into the table ‘Update’ expression as portrayed with the SWITCH() expression above.

This will take some work on your end to get setup correctly. At the moment, Appsheet only designates ‘user’ or ‘admin’ roles, I don’t recall being able to incorporate other roles. However, user roles based on a user table are not uncommon at all in application interfaces especially within companies. It does take a bit of work though to get it setup correctly and then testing also needs to be exhaustive to make sure it works correctly.


Is there an explanatory explanation in the pictures … Sorry for the many questions

Not specifically for your use case. The pictures only illustrate where portions of your setup will likely need some adjusting to be done. I have not yet used such a setup myself, but will be needing to incorporate something similar in the near future. Sorry I can’t be of much help at the moment. Hopefully I can maybe help a little better after I have done this myself.


I am still waiting for the solution please help

Perhaps you should hire someone to help you:


Still waiting for an explanation

With that entitled attitude, you will continue waiting.

Thanks to all
The problem was solved using this function
“Users From Table 1”, “UPDATES_ONLY”,
“Users From Table 2”, “ALL_CHANGES”,

The problem was in the “” small commas when writing the function. Commas must be typed twice