Help with Unique Numeric Value

Hey everyone,

I am back from feeling like death. PRAISE GOD!

Quick question for you ApPioneers…

Is there a way to do an expression like (today()+a unique only numeric id?)

Bless you guys.

Wesley W.
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I think you’re looking for:

Concatenate(TODAY(), " ", [ID]) ???


I am glad that I amuse you Matt! :[)

Thank you for the input.

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You are on your own for developing something that does this part. But otherwise @MultiTech_Visions has one of the ways to get to your finished product.


Hey Matt, just to be clear, would I just make the column [ID] an enumlist of random number configurations 1-1000000000000? What would you see as the best way to accomplish this?

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Wow, thank you Steve, I just researched that a few minutes ago as a Google Sheets function, is it now an AppSheet function as well? Thank you!


Mission SUCCESS! I created three columns, one of which was virtual, and used the following expression to Concatenate the three columns that I made.

Concatenate([Date ID], [ID], [Random #])

Random # = Randbetween(1,100)
Date ID = Today()

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Which one of those is virtual, depending on which it is it will recalculate and might mess things up if you’re using this for a key.

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Good Morning Sir, I ended up using a virtual column for the random number and the Date ID column, neither of which is a key. It seems to be working as is? Not sure if there is a rule of thumb as to which columns can be virtual and which cannot.

Three columns?! How about just one?

  Right(("000" & RandBetween(1, 100)), 3)

Whaaah!? Steve…you’re on a different level.

Thank you.

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