Help with user experience

Hi guys,

I am currently developing an App and I need the app to start from a calendar view, the calendar must show the users agenda for the day, this agenda must be uploaded by the supervisor and when the user clicks on the event it must launch the form for data gathering.

I dont want the user to be able to edit the agenda or upload information so I need to get rid of the plus sign for adding info.

Is this possible?


Hi Frederick, that is definitely possible! Here are a few things you’d need to do:

  1. For the calendar data, you can unhighlight the “Adds” option. You’ll find this under Data => Tables.
  2. You could create a Slice (Data => Slice) using only events that match the user’s ID/email for the calendar view.
  3. You can adjust starting view over at (UX => Options => Starting View)
  4. You can use actions to go to a different form view might be the simplest way to implement what you’re trying to do (UX => Actions).