Help with Validity Expression

Hi there,

I’m a total beginner with appsheet and just helping out with the app we use at work.

We have a spreadsheet of materials from a few suppliers with their own supplier part numbers.

We use the supplier part number as a reference number to pull up the material specs. however one of our suppliers changed their part number last year and so we now have two sets of part numbers.

I want to keep the old part numbers for our database of previous built products

But when a new product is being built, i only want the new part numbers to be selectable in the drop down list.

As you can see below i have put a column on the end labelled “Current” and have gone done with ‘Y’ or a ‘N’

I’m just struggling to get an expression to work in the validity section

Any Ideas or a work around?



What is the current expression (if any)?

I was trying


But don’t think it will look within the table to find the column labelled “current”

Where did you try using the expression?

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In the column valid if box

but it just says entry invalid whatever you put in now - even it is the correct new part number…

You’ll need to use a slice to produce a list of rows that excludes the old part numbers, then display that slice to your users rather than the table. The Valid if setting is not what you should be using.

See also:

Hi Steve,

Unfortunately that wont work, as the part number drop down list is within a new product form that has 50 other columns associated with it.

Its basically tells the user (which are our workshop staff) exactly how the product is made so it can be replicated in the future.

Thanks anyway though


Hi Steve,

Apologies - what you suggested worked perfectly! Thanks you!