Help with Virtual Rows?

I have a table called ‘Orders’.

I have a column called [Reference #] (Type: Text)

I have a column called [Size] (Type: Enum)

We are a watermelon shipper. [Reference #] is my companies reference number. [Size] is a list of different sized fruit that we sell (45ct, 36ct, 60ct, etc…). Each row of my tableOrders’ has consecutive [Reference #] values (ie 200001, 200002, 200003 etc…).

Problem: If for example, Reference #200001 calls for a split order of 45ct and 60ct and 36ct melons.

Help Needed #1: I need to be able to add multiple [Size] fruit to each individual [Reference #]
Help Needed #2: I need to be able to add a quantity amount for each of the newly added [Size]
Help Needed #3: I need to be able to show each [Size] and quantity on a gDoc template

TIA for any help, comments, or suggestions.


Every post asking for help should be formatted like @Brady_Lovell’s post here. Wow, so easy to read! I’m going to attempt to replicate it with my reply :smiley:

What you’re looking for here is a parent-child table setup.
Create a new table, called ‘Line Items’ or some-such.

In that table create columns:
[Order ID] (Type: Ref, referenced table: Orders, turn isPartOf ON)
[Size] (As you already have)

This way, you can create any number of Line Items records for a single Orders record.
See below link for more detail.

As for Problem #3, you should read up on Workflow Templates and Start Expressions.


Thanks @Marc_Dillon I really appreciate it!