Help with workflow link to app

Two related questions.
I have a workflow that emails me when the user submits something I need to approve. I get the email just fine. I want to include a link that would take me to the App, not in the browser, and to the specific record that prompted the email. That way I can quickly approve it.

I’m doing something wrong. The link takes me to my app, in the browser, but not to the the view I specified.

  1. can I have the link open in the App not in the browser?

  2. how can I get it to go to the specific form I want?

Title: <<[Title]>>
Text: <<[Text]>>
By: <<USEREMAIL()>> on <>

<a href="<<CONCATENATE(“”,LINKTOROW([Encouragement_NO],“ Admin_User_Submitted_Encouragements_Form”))>>">Link to the User Submitted Encouragement


You might be better off using one of these:

Thanks Steve.

That does take me directly to the form, slick.

Is there a way to have it open the App on my phone instead of going to the browser version of the app?

I’m using: <<_ROW_WEB_LINK>> : Hyperlink that refers to the added or updated record in your app. For example, you can include this URL in a workflow email to allow the email recipient to easily open the added or updated record, displayed as ‘Click Here’ hyperlinked.

Which makes it sound like it would open the app. (refers to the added or updated record in your app)

I honestly do not know. :frowning:

No way! If not you, who should I ask? @praveen?

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Sent them an email.

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This is Support’s reply: My understanding from engineering is:

If you write it like <<"["&ENCODEURL([ID])]>>

it should ask to open it either with the browser or Appsheet app.

I haven’t had a chance to try this. I need to research ENCODEURL to see what to put there. Any suggestions before I go hunting?

I think the idea/expectation is that your device will recognize a URL that begins as one that should be handled by the app rather than the browser. I’d have the same expectation if the app is properly installed and you haven’t tinkered the device’s deeper settings. So the question is: how do we generate such a URL? I would have expected <<_ROW_WEB_LINK>> to provide that.

Please right-click on the link provided by <<_ROW_WEB_LINK>> and cut and paste it here so we can inspect it.

This is what I get when I click and copy the link from the email produced by the workflow.

This is what appears in the browser when you click on the link on my iPhone;

Any idea why the difference?

I copied the second one, the one that appeared in the browser, when I clicked the link on the iPhone and pasted that into the workflow, instead of the <<ROW_WEB_LINK>> and it opened the app. It DID NOT take me to the specific record/view in the app where I can approve the item. The previous link did take me to that specific record/view in the web browser.

There must be a bug causing the creation of the URL behind <<ROW_WEB_LINK>> that adds in all that extra stuff.

The first allows the company that handles sending the app emails,, to track when the email recipient clicks on the email link. The click is logged, then the user is sent to the URL you finally ended up on. It’s that final URL that matters here (hopefully).

Hooray! Progress!

Boo! Setback!

Let’s go back to what you tried originally:

<a href="<<CONCATENATE(“”,LINKTOROW([Encouragement_NO],“ Admin_User_Submitted_Encouragements_Form”))>>">Link to the User Submitted Encouragement

Instead, let’s try:

<a href="<<CONCATENATE(“”,LINKTOROW([Encouragement_NO],“Admin_User_Submitted_Encouragements_Form”))>>">Link to the User Submitted Encouragement</a>
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