Help with Workflow Link

I want my link to open the app and go to the correct record without having the user need to force a sync as is needed in the first link.

The third link opens the correct record in the browser version of the app but I want it to open the app if it is on the device.

**1. Opens app and goes to form but not correct record unless force a sync in app then click link**
<a href="
>Click here to Approve User Submitted Encouragement</a>

**2. new link - opens app but doesn't go to form. My desperate attempt to combine the two other links - failed. ** 
<a href="<<CONCATENATE(“
ENCODEURL(NOW()))>>">Click here to Approve User Submitted Encouragement</a>

**3. Opens browser app and goes to correct record**
<a href="<<CONCATENATE(“
>Click here to Approve User Submitted Encouragement</a>

and where can I find documentation on refresh=1&wipe=1

Thank you.