Help with Workflow Template Expression

Of course @Suvrutt_Gurjar no problem. Can you share your preferred email address?

Hi @MauriceWhelan,

If it is possible, you may share the text or image of template expression in this post thread itself. Or You may wish tomessage me on this platform. My email is also in my profile.

Ifit is feasible to share in this post thread, other community members may also give their useful inputs.

Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar

I have attached the Top and Bottom half of my template. Hope this is ok.

Hi @MauriceWhelan,

Thank you.

For the expression at the bottom of the report can you please write an expression like

<<Start:[Related Operations_Master_Checks] >>

instead of
<<Start:Select(Operations Master Check By Charge NumberRelated Operations_Master_Checks] >>


Apologies I think I put that SELECT piece in after the original expression I had in didn’t work.

I will restest just to be sure however without the SELECT expression.

Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar

Yes I have looked back through the Audit Log and I can confirm it was throwing an error with that expression too.

Expression ‘[Related Operations_Master_Checks]’ is invalid due to: Unable to find column ‘Related Operations_Master_Checks’.

Are you working with scheduled report with the option “ForEntiryTable”?

No @Aleksi. It is just a standard Workflow Email Alert.

Just to be doubly sure, could you also please reconfirm the column name exactly matches that exists in the table?


I have both typed and copied & pasted the column name into the template. Still no joy.

Hi @MauriceWhelan,

Presume you see the grouped related records in the app at least , right?

Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar

Do you mean using the ‘Test’ option in the App Formula to see if it returns any records?

If so, yes.

I am happy share app access if that is suitable.

Hi @MauriceWhelan,

I mean the grouped related records as below (image from sample app)

Hi @MauriceWhelan,

You may wish to share the app at my email ID mentioned in my profile.

I hope it is OK, if I take a look at the app tomorrow.

Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar

Happy to share and absolutely no problem to view tomorrow. Just to note my setup is slightly different to yours. I don’t actually have a detail view setup yet for each record in the Operations_Master_Check table. (no requirement in live versionat this stage)

I will work on putting this together this evening and it should be visible whenever you get a free minute tomorrow.

Also I have clicked on your profile but can’t seem to locate your email address. Could you just advise on the links to click to see it.

Many thanks again for all your help.

Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar

I have a details view created called ‘ESB Operational Record Detail’ with the [Related Operations_Master_Checks] column added.

If you follow these steps you can view a list of related products
Select ‘Reports’
Select ‘ESB Pole Review’
Enter Product Code EG7646 and ‘Save’
The Related Products should be visible.

If you can direct me to your email in your profile I will share app accordingly.

Many thanks.

Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar

Again many thanks with your help on this issue and ultimately with your amendment to the Workflow Template that sorted the issue. For the benefit of the community I have attached a before and after screenshot (of the template) of the expression in question. It appears that inserting the Start: & End tags inside the table did the trick.


Hi @MauriceWhelan,

Thank you for the update.Very good to know the template changes work for you. All the very best !

Hi Suvrutt

I have a query on this piece of functionality that I am hoping you could help me with. I have it working where I have the records grouped correctly in the template but what I want to incorporate is to generate the template based on [Date From] and [Date To] values of a simple search form for called Generate_Production_Plan (images below). So instead of generating an automated Report I want to generate the template when a record is added to to the Generate_Production_Plan table and for the records in the template just to be those in between the [Date From] and [Date To] values. I cannot seem to work out how best to incorporate this date range into the Slice Filter controlling the records being returned in the template.

I have also attached a screenshot of the resultant template and you can see some of the records are out of the range of the dates in my Search Form.

I hope this make sense. If so perhaps you could advise a potential solution for this issue.

Many thanks.

Hi @MauriceWhelan ,

In general, I believe there will be a need to further qualify the slice used in the expression template with the date range to include only the applicable records.

Could you please share your current report expressions template?

You may wish to DM me if you would so prefer.

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