Help with workflow TO expression

I am having difficulty with the TO expression in a workflow.


in the Users table, GET_URGENT and DPT_NO are both ENUM LIST. That is why I am using the IN(). On the record trigger this workflow (Requests table), DPT_NO is always a single value, Type REF.

This is what the log shows. It appears my condition is working properly but the expression is not finding a match and I know there are multiple users that match my test record.


“AppTemplateVersion”: “1.000235”,
“RuleName”: “Urgent_Notification_Scope_11_by_DPT_NO”,
“EventType”: “Change”,
“InvokedBy”: “Update”,
“ServerName”: “INSTANCE-US-EAS”,
“ServerRegion”: “us-east4-gcp-prod”,
“IgnoreSecurityFilters”: false,
“TableName”: “Requests”,
“RuleTableName”: “Requests”,
“OperationUpdateMode”: “UPDATES_ONLY”,
“EventMatch”: “Workflow event successfully matched”,
“Condition”: “=AND([SCOPE_NO] = 11, [_THISROW_AFTER].[Urgent]=TRUE,[_THISROW_BEFORE].[Urgent]<>[_THISROW_AFTER].[Urgent], ISNOTBLANK([DPT_NO]))”,
“MatchesCondition”: “True”,
“ActionNotPerformed”: “1 errors present.”,
“ActionResults”: “Created 1 ActionResults”,
“Action Type”: “Email”,
“Action Name”: “Urgent Email Notification”,
"Errors": “Error: No workflow email was sent because ‘To’, ‘CC’, ‘BCC’ are all empty.”,
“EmailTo”: “”,
“EmailCC”: “”,
“EmailBCC”: “”,
“EmailFromDisplay”: ““Requests App””,
“EmailReplyTo”: “”,
“EmailPreHeader”: “Update to application ‘Requests’ at ‘9/12/2020 9:43:04 AM’”,
“EmailSubaccount”: null,
“EmailSubject”: “New Urgent Prayer Request for Global Mobilization; Prayer”,
“EmailTitle”: “Alert: Update to application ‘Requests’ table ‘Requests’”,
“EmailAttachment”: “”,
“EmailOtherAttachments”: “”,
“AppTemplateName”: “922dbed2-5196-4caa-9581-401fc815a472”,
“Operation”: “Workflow action”,
“Result”: “Failure”

I believe you could try the expression without curly brackets around [GET_URGENT] and [DPT_NO] as these both are already enumlist type columns. So I believe curly brackets to define the list of elements are not required.



Thank you so much. It worked!

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I just realized that I need to move that expression to the BCC line. Do you have to have a TO?

Sorry, I am anware if that is possible.

Thanks. That’s what I figured. I created an email account specifically to receive the notifications. I didn’t want them clogging up the account owners email address.

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Got it , thank you.

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Yes TO field needs at least one email address.