Help with yes/no filter

Hi, I have a column called “Is the complaint still open?” in my google sheet.

The question in my form that relates to that question is a “yes/no” question

I have setup a slice called open complaints and I want to filter my slice by whether or not there is a “Yes” in the column.

When I try and type the following in the “Row filter condition” in the Slices section under Data

= [Is the complaint still open?] = “yes”

I get the following error

Table slice ‘Open Complaints’ uses an invalid filter condition ‘=[Is the complaint still open?] = [yes]’. Unable to find column ‘yes’

Why is it looking for a column ‘yes’ and not for the answer ‘yes’?

Hi @Quality_Assurance
Square brackets are for columns
Try something like this
“Yes”=[Is the complaint still open?]
(and remove the leading =)