Hep pls how to read the data from another table for each month

I have two tables that are not referenced
table [customers], with virtual columns, [SUMbooking], [SUMtotal], [month]
several rows have the same value for the same month
table [totals], with columns of the same name
I need that [totals] table to take the values from the [customers] table for each month

I am bit confused can you frame the question a bit specific


sorry my english is very bad
I have a reservation application, the [sumbooking] column of the [guests] table, calculates the sum of the reservations according to the [month] of the same
I want to put those monthly totals in another table, so that I can calculate the yearly totals

If you are using ref between the reservation and table your booking use count([ref column]) in the master table then you will get count of tables booked