Here() = β€œ0.000000, 0.000000”

On my Android phone the expression HERE() was β€œ0.000000, 0.000000”.
Even though in the Android settings I turned on the permission for location for the AppSheet App.

I had to delete all Data in the Android Settings for the AppSheet App (Storage).
After that, HERE() worked again.

I’m using it for a Navi-Action with expression
CONCATENATE("" , HERE() , "&daddr=" , [Address])

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It can mean either

  • GPS is turned off
  • GPS has no signal
  • The App doesn’t have GPS permission
  • Or a really obscure one. Certain phones will provide Appsheet with coordinates from their WiFi location and not use the GPS sensor. You can test this by running the App with Wifi off

If you display a LatLong it should display the map location. Not sure if you can click on it directly