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Hi everyone, we have a field service app running and drivers are out capturing data along a route. We noticed today every entry on a particular route has the same geocode. The data record has a field with data type LATLONG and we’ve set Here() for the initial value. See sample below. Each row represents a stop made at a site.

At what point does the system take a snapshot of the geocode? If the geocode captures on “Save” for the current location from the device, how would this happen if the driver is capturing data along a route?

Depending on when the geocode is captured, is it possible the driver lost connectivity and when they regained connectivity it captured the geocode of the site when the sync finally happened?


In a form the value is calculated when the form is opened. So if I open a form at 7am but leave it open till 8am the timestamp would be 7am. Same for HERE(), If you assign the value on save IE on save action “Update Location” which sets [Location]=HERE() then it would save the value when they press the save button.

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Thanks Austin! Ok the HERE() is captured when the form is opened. I currently do not have an action in place to set the location value. Its done as the user enters the record with the initial value.

Outside of the entries truly being made while the driver sits in one place, is there any other scenario you can think of that would cause the one geocode?

Is the lost connectivity scenario above possible? Could it be an issue with the devices Location Services?

Not 100% sure. Maybe put the app on a phone, make some entries, set it to airplane mode walk a bit while making entries then reconnect and see what it does. Not sure how Appsheet gets location data cause I can save a HERE() while sitting at my desk and get 2 different values.


Thanks Austin

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