Here is what I am trying to accomplish. I ha...

(Jerry Power) #1

Here is what I am trying to accomplish.

I have a form.

This first line allows the user to select a name from a list.

Next option is to select whether the user is “Pro” or “Am”.

This is an enum using buttons.

The next option, also enum buttons is “$0”, “$6”, “$8”, “$10”.

I would like to either remove a button for amount based on “Pro” or “Am” selection or stipple out the un-needed button.

Any suggestions?

I don’t want a list, I want buttons.

Thanks for any help.

(Fernando López) #2

Try to use this in the ValidIf property of the amount column: IF([UserIs] = “Pro”, LIST("$6", “$8”, “$10”), LIST("$0", “$6”, “$8”)) And be sure to set EnumInputMode property to “buttons”

(Steven Coile) #3

It’s not possible to “stipple out” buttons, but you can remove them.

Whether the options are presented as buttons or as a dropdown menu is determined by the column’s EnumInputMode property.

The buttons (or dropdown menu entries) displayed are determined by the defined Enum values in the column definition, or as given in a list generated by the column’s Valid_If formula. If no Valid_If formula is defined, the user will be presented with all of the column’s Enum values as options. If Valid_If is defined and results in a list, the user will only be presented with the values in the list as options.

For example, the entire set of options you gave can be expressed as a formula for Valid_If as:

=LIST("$0", “$6”, “$8”, “$10”)

You can use an IF() expression to conditionally present a different set. For instance:


([Pro/Am] = “Pro”),

LIST("$0", “$100”, “$200”),

LIST("$0", “$6”, “$8”, “$10”) )

If the user selected Pro for the Pro/Am column, the column would present options for $0, $100, and $200; otherwise, the column would present $0, $6, $8, and $10.

(Jerry Power) #4

thank you gentlemen.