Hey all! I have a quick question about a for...

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Hey all!

I have a quick question about a form on my app.

It is a Timesheet, and the field is the Client’s Name.

It is a ref to another table which works.

However, I have the “required” box checked on it, and yet when my crew goes through and fills out the app, it doesn’t stop them from submitting the form if they haven’t submitted the client name.

So it seems the “required” checkbox is not working.

Any idea why this would happen?

I remember that it used to work, so I don’t know why it is not now.

Many thanks! Miranda


If you’re using a page header, can you check that it’s not marked “hidden”? There is a bug affecting validation of pages marked “hidden” that we’re in the process of fixing. Also make sure the column itself is visible in the form.

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@Adam_Stone_AppSheet It’s not a page header and it is not hidden in the form.

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Any other thoughts guys???