Hey all, One of my team members is getting ...

(Olivia Bryanne Zank) #1

Hey all,

One of my team members is getting the following error when she tries to sync her app : “Value “processing complete” in field “processing complete” cannot be converted to type ‘Enum’”

That field in question has an app formula so i don’t even see how she can have entered the wrong value, and I’ve checked all the entries she’s tried to sync and they all seem correct according to the Enum values. I then tried to convert the column to longtext and remove the app formula and she still gets the error. What can I do?



(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Is it possible that your column has been an Enum field and you have changed it to “app formula” field?

You can fix this situation with the Recovery mode. Please check this article… help.appsheet.com - Errors During Sync Errors During Sync help.appsheet.com

(Olivia Bryanne Zank) #3

yep that worked! thanks alot

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

You’re welcome