Hey AppSheet Community! I found a really cool...

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Hey AppSheet Community! I found a really cool feature that has helped me out and wanted to share.

If you use barcodes in your app, I have found a way to auto generate a barcode image in the app. This eliminates the need to going to other software or websites to create it and then upload it to the app as an image.

If this was previously shared, I am still taking all the glory cause I didn’t know about it…Boom!

So, you should have a column with the barcode number or text in there. We will reference that in the formula. Make a Virtual Column with the column type as Image. Your app formula is the following:

This is for Code 128 Barcodes; =LINKURL(CONCATENATE(“https://www.ruggedtabletpc.com/MobileDemand.BarcodeGenerator/Barcode/Image?content=",[Barcode],"&size=50&symbology=CODE_128&format=png&text=true”))

This is for QR Codes; =LINKURL(CONCATENATE(“https://www.ruggedtabletpc.com/MobileDemand.BarcodeGenerator/Barcode/Image?content=",[Barcode],"&size=100&symbology=QR_CODE&format=png&text=true”))

You can play with the size of the image in a format rule for your workflow or to display bigger in the app, look at the second quoted sting in the formula “&size=100&symbology=QR_CODE&format=png&text=true” and next to size, change the 100 to 50 or 200, etc. Same thing for the Code 128

There are a few sites that will allow you to link or embed the barcode image and this is how I am accomplishing it. I have a sheet with all sites that I have found that allow this and have tested multiple barcode numbers and the link in the expression above has been the best to always display an image. Others will sometimes come up blank.

I hope someone finds this useful.

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Sounds awesome ! Cant wait to try!!! :smiley: