Hey Appsheet, I need help... again... sorry.....

(Austin Nunns) #1

Hey Appsheet, I need help… again… sorry…

So I am checking attendance of people who attended a safety meeting.

this is done through a safety meeting form with 20 positions to enter their name with signatures under each.

The Problem: Each selection of an employee dropdown in the form is a reference to the employee table. However, in the employee detail view, it comes up as 20 seperate references.

Question: Is there a way to add multiple employees to the safety meeting while also having only 1 reference in the employee detail view?


Photo 1: Showing form Setup. Photo 2: Showing separate list of references in employee detail view.

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2


I’m not aware of your app build, but I believe your ref structuring might not be correct here. It might be better provided you set a ref column from your employee table to your safety meeting table with isPart of property set to TRUE. With this way, when creating a safety meeting record, you can add as many employee as you want on the fly.

If you set it like this; then in the Employee Detail View, you will be seeing all the safety meetings that the employee had attended in an inline view. As such, in the Safety Meetings Detail View, you will be seeing all the employees attended to that meeting in an inline view.

(Steven Coile) #3

Your data is not well structured.

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #4


You can read this page https://help.appsheet.com/data/references/references-between-tables References Between Tables help.appsheet.com

(Marc Dillon) #5

A child table is just another table, that has a reference to a record in the meeting table, and usually the isPartOf option is set to true. It allows you to connect multiple sets of values to a parent record. In your case the set of values is an employee name, and signature.

(Austin Nunns) #6

@Levent_KULACOGLU @Marc_Dillon

For the Child table, I just make a separate table with a Employee Name, signature, and Unique ID column. Then how do I reference both at the same time in the form?

Thanks for the References link! I read through this, but i must have missed the “Is part of” LOL

You guys are seriously amazing!

(Marc Dillon) #7

You need a 4th column column to ref the meeting table, thats where the ispartof is. Then in your meeting form, you’ll start with an empty list (default title will be “related child records” or some such) and you’ll hit the nrw button to add child records of the name and sig. Should be obvious when you get it setup.

(Austin Nunns) #8


Thank you! It works great now! sorry for the trouble!

(Austin Nunns) #9

@Levent_KULACOGLU Thanks for responding! Okay, So you are saying to have a column referencing the employee table inside the my safety meeting table that has isPart of = True? if that is the case, that is what I have already. But I’m attaching screenshots of my current column structure. When I do that, it only allows for 1 employee input per meeting. the way around that is to add more employee references in the safety meeting column which would then come up with a bunch of different inline views for “safety meeting employee 1, 2, 3, etc…”

The photo with the employees column shows my current set up where they are referencing the employees, but because I need more than one employee per meeting, it comes up as a bunch of different virtual columns.

The photo with the safety meeting shows the safety meeting table that has different references for the number of employees I want.

(Austin Nunns) #10

+Steve Coile Thanks for the help?..

(Marc Dillon) #11

Not 100% about your structure either. However maybe using EnumList as your column type would help. It allows you to select multiple items in one column. In the options for that EnumList column you would select ref as the sub-type.

(Austin Nunns) #12

@Marc_Dillon i’m not sure about my structure either haha

Well, I tried enumList, but was told on an earlier post I did that those cannot be referenced. Plus I need Signatures from each :confused: Thank you though

(Marc Dillon) #13

Oh, right, forgot about that.

Sounds like you should build a child table where each record refs to the meeting, and then has a single employee ref, and a signature.

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #14


As I said, you ref structure is not correct. You don’t need to ref every employee. You have around 20 different ref columns to the same table and therefore you are noticing 20 different inline views

(Austin Nunns) #15

@Marc_Dillon oh okay, forgive my ignorance, but I haven’t heard of child tables before. I will try googling it. Is there possible documentation I can read on it? thanks!

(Austin Nunns) #16

@Levent_KULACOGLU I understand it is currently wrong, but when I only have one reference column as you suggested, it only allows for one employee.

I think I may be misunderstanding how you are saying to organize / format it?

Thanks for being patient with me, I really appreciate it!