Hey, community! I googled my way to AppSheet...

(Aleyxzc4) #1

Hey, community!

I googled my way to AppSheet and it looks awesome. I already figured out, that the app itself I’m aiming for could be build with it. However, I have questions about the distribution, restrictions, users. The app I have in mind is something like the “Site Inspection” sample app. But it is for a different work field and rather complex. But lets assume that is the app.

What I would like to do is offer the app on the app store, but all the entered data should be entered in a location the user can define, because it might be sensible data. It would mean, that the app structure comes from my source (google sheets, or whatever) however, the data filled in is not accessible by all users, but individually for each user or group of users.

It’s as if I was “reselling” a preset I designed with AppSheets and users can download not the preset, but the ready to go app. In the beginning the app would ask the users where to sync their data (wether if it’s drop box, google sheets or their own server and so on).

When I check the “ChooseYourPlan” link I answer yes and no on both possible plans.

Can somebody shine some light on this?

Can I design an app that can be sold and can this app sync the content somehow different than publicly?

Thanks a lot! Alex

(Mary Jane Pender) #2

Hi Alex, you may want to address your question to sales@appsheet.com .

Someone there can explain the different plans to you and advise on what can be done.

Best wishes, Mary