Hey everyone, hope you all are doing great. I...

(Hyman van Zyl) #1

Hey everyone, hope you all are doing great. I have a question about app upgrades. I have tried the upgrade function under version in the manage menu. I see it does not only change the app but also the data sheets. My problem with this is that my clients each use their own copy of the app with its own data sheets in their G Suite portal. This means I will have to make updates to each of their apps in their own accounts, the same updates to each copy of the app. Is there no way to update one copy of the app and then upgrade all the others to that one without affecting their data sheets and data?

Thanks Hyman

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Are your apps exactly identical?

(Hyman van Zyl) #3


Hey Aleksi, Not sure I understand. The data sheet structures are exactly identical but they are different copies. The apps are identical except that the one I want to upgrade from had some updates done to it.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

We are not very flexible in this kind of situation. I’m afraid you would need to take a copy of that new version and then change all DocIDs from those copies and then upgrade those other apps.